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Bambus diaper is the one and the only genuine biodegradable diaper recomended by dermatologist in the market due to its exclusive bamboo fiber materials.

Óptimo cuidado de tu bebéBambus hypoallergenic diaper prevents and reliefs irritated baby skin. Free of chlorine, carcinogenic and chemical elements often find on other regular brands.

Bamboo fiber protects the skin of you baby due to its extraordinary softness, lightness and absorption, keeping your baby skin fresh and comfortable, while you ensure healthy baby skin due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties only found in Bambus diaper.

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Óptimo cuidado de tu bebé Our bamboo fibers are 100% natural. This allows total biodegradability and full environment integration in an average of 10 months. Bambus products do not pollute or damage the environment.